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Wending and winding upward and onward life takes its turns, sometimes predictable sometimes not, but always an adventure. Climbing alone or trudging on with others each of us moves through life at our own pace, in our own way. Each of us inimitable and each endeavoring to fulfill a mission of our own making.

Individuals are unique and so are law firms. We see ourselves as counselors first. We are here to listen and then to provide focused advice and service to our clients aimed at creating legal structures that facilitate the client’s climb toward his or her calling. The client builds the stairway and determines its course. We increase certainty and peace of mind. We reduce costs. Our expertise is added to the client’s team of advisors. We construct the railing.

We are a firm comprised of attorneys and staff with varied experiences and expertise within our field. We provide counseling in business and estate planning with an emphasis on proactive tax planning and asset protection. Our mission is to assist our client in protecting the businesses and estates which are a lifetime in the making